Pricing is a Journey. Pricing is a Process. We're here to Help.

Software can be overwhelmingly complex to price and monetize, even more so for B2B (business) and B2G (government) software vendors managing legacy solutions in a modernized cloud-enabled world. 

Miller Advisors works closely with your teams to tackle offer design and global implementation that can include:  

  • Optimal Revenue Models, Packaging, Metrics, and Tiering

  • Pricing On-Premise, SaaS (Pure or Enterprise), PaaS, and IaaS

  • Pricing Proof-of-Concept (PoC), New Product Introduction (NPIs), New Features

  • Pricing innovation including AI, APIs, IoT, and IIoT

  • Monetizing Upgrades, Maintenance & Support

  • International Pricing

  • Bids / Request-for-Proposals (RFPs)

  • Software Revenue vs. Service Revenue

  • Customization optimization

  • ...and so on

The Software Pricing FrameworkTM

Our unique pricing framework incorporates best practices around developing value-based software offer design, Sales enablement for new pricing strategies, and sound execution & monitoring of pricing strategies that deliver results:










This continuous cycle of pricing improvement ensures your software pricing strategy is constantly being optimized and re-evaluated in a fast-paced, innovative, digital transformation world. 


The Pricing Ecosystem: We also understand the complexities of implementing pricing strategies and the inter-relationship with other cross-functional teams, systems, and processes. For this reason, the framework also has tie-ins to PECO , the Pricing Ecosystem, which consists of a checklist of key considerations (revenue recognition, legal, internal audit documents, IT) that help avoid potential roadblocks, mitigate unforeseen risks, and ensure your go-to market pricing strategy avoids implementation delays.