Software Pricing, Packaging, & Offer Design Online Course Now Available!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

🎤 It’s launched! A pleasure to officially announce the e-learning course “Software Pricing: Best Practices in Pricing, Monetization, and Offer Design” with the Professional Pricing Society’s (PPS) online certification program.

The Course: Improve your skill sets and learn best industry practices around pricing and packaging B2C and B2B software and software-enabled systems. Apply The Software Pricing Framework's tools, processes, and tactics, to address some of your organization’s biggest, and most complex, pricing challenges.

Registration here ($695 USD)

Wanted to Learn even more about Pricing?

1. Become a Certified Pricing Professional! Details here


2. Sign your company/team up for a “Pricing Accelerator Program (aka Software Pricing Bootcamp)”: Improve your company’s pricing practices with this onsite training (25%) + “hands on” exercises (75%) applicable to your product groups to drive improvements with pricing structures, identify quick wins & margin leakages, and develop a roadmap for pricing improvements that support your annual planning objectives. We’re here to help!

Feel free to email me directly at for more details.

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